Monday , September 26 2022

“The region faces a historic opportunity” … Talal Abu-Ghazaleh reveals future of Arab countries “destroyed” Archives


Economic thinker Talal Abu-Ghazaleh predicted that the Arab region would witness a particular future prosperity, as it was ruined and possessed great wealth, noting that “the region faces a historic opportunity.”

Economic thinker Talal Abu Ghazaleh throws light on a new episode of “The World To Where?” The issue of reconstruction, broadcast weekly on RT, sheds light on the issue of reconstruction, especially as the Arab region has witnessed great devastation.

At first, Abu Ghazaleh mentioned the “Marshall” plan, which is a plan for rebuilding Europe after World War II, and said that the “broad heading of the plan was that the United States wanted to help Europe after the destruction of the Second World War. World War II, but actually America benefited from the plan more than Europe. ” “.

He added, “The United States grew its companies and its economy, and introduced its language, currency, and way of life to Europe, and this is how the Anglo-Saxon revolution began.”

Regarding the Arab region, Abu Ghazaleh said the Arab region faces a historic opportunity as it is the most affected region in the world. The expert expected that the Arab region would witness a certain prosperity, as it was ruined and possessed great wealth. He also emphasized that the rebuilding process is bilateral, which means both sides benefit from it.

Source: RT

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