Sunday , August 7 2022

The Kuwait Broadcasting Union honors Kuwait Radio for its successes in 2018


KUWAIT: The United Arab Emirates Broadcasting Minister honored Kuwait Radio in recognition of its great achievements in program exchanges during 2018 during a ceremony held on the second day of the Arab radio stations co-ordination meeting.

Representatives of Kuwait Radio who participated in the meeting, Mohammed Al-Mabaki and Saud Al-Harbi received the honorary award from the Mohsen Sulaimani News Exchange Director of the Arab Center, who praised Kuwait Radio's contribution to exchange programs. "

Representatives of Kuwait Radio expressed their pride and pride in this honor, which reflects the great efforts of Radio Kuwait to represent the country in the representation and best commitment to their contribution effective in promoting news exchange and serving the Arab countries.

Their statistics were also expressed in the statistics included in the appraisal of radio stations, which revealed that «Kuwait Radio, which was the first in the statistics of news exchange among all Arab countries in terms of distribution programs or the number of programs and watch a number of 20 programs, which represent 18 percent Of the total number of programs converted, whether culturally or economically. "

Earlier in the day, Algerian Communications Minister Gamal Kaouan set the foundation stone for a center that includes the US Arab Broadcasting Union and the African Broadcasting Union, and Kaouan will give Algeria among the three cities in the world that hosts such a center.

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