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The Guardian of the Two Holy Mosks honored a number of residents of Al-Jouf during a reception to the people of the region


The Keeper of both Holy Mosks, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, hosted the people of the Al-Jouf region at the time of his visit to the region. The Deputy First Minister and the Defense Minister. Guardian of the Two Holy Mosks, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, saw a visual presentation of 242 development projects that include 10 billion franchises in the Al-Jouf region.

– Projects of the Ministry of Health by 21 projects received by the health sector in the region, at a total cost of 310,926,901 relatives, including the establishment of specialized and advanced health centers, as well as completing the current medical facilities .

– The total number of projects of the Ministry of Business and Rural Affairs was 77 projects at a cost of 682,870,918 marriages, led by flood drainage projects to protect the citizen and property, and to cover the rehabilitation and establishment of parks, roads , roads and bridges.

– There were a total of projects from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture to 15 projects at a cost of 839,651,974 rails to ensure the security and effectiveness of sewerage networks and to develop and implement water supply for all houses and modern residential communities.

– Projects of the energy, industry and mineral wealth system, where industrial and electric power projects have been fantastic by the State, as they carry out a number of industrial and energy projects, with a total cost of 1,857.900,000 vet and include industrial oils suitable for women's work on an area exceeding 3.375,000 square meters As well as developing a logistic industrial city in Al-Qurayat Governorate and transfer station projects, extension lines and electrical distribution networks, as well as expanding the station's distribution of petroleum products to cope with increasing local demand for energy in Al-Jouf.

– Projects of the Ministry of Housing of 11 projects at a cost of 1,005,276,438 brothers, included as part of land and housing solutions that match high demand for real estate markets and as a factor at reduce the cost of housing for citizens.

– Projects of the Ministry of Education of 82 educational and educational projects at the cost of RO 4.205,945,613. It emphasizes the development and expansion of the departmental education department at the heart of state interest and one of the most important pillars of its developmental gaming.

– Projects of the transport system were 22 projects at the cost of RO 1,275,366,882 for the roads and development of Al-Jouf Airport and Al-Qurayyat Air Ales and the roads that lead to them in response to the importance airport roles in developing communities and promoting economic and tourism opportunities.

– King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative, the first phase project (Skaka – Domat Al Jandal) at a total cost of 2,100 million marriages that are part of the energy projects published by His Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz. The Ministry of Energy Industry and Mineral Resources established the Renewable Energy Project Office For the energy sector in the ministry, and this was the responsibility of this task. The first of these enterprises was in the Al-Jouf region, on an area of ​​6 square kilometers, the lowest global tariff rate in the solar photovoltaic sector and investments and private sector that are worth over billion Saudi freedoms The electricity will serve 45,000 housing units. The Solar and photovoltaic project Sakaka, such as starting projects, will begin with the aim of producing 200 gigawat of national expertise, standards, specifications and techniques, the latest in the world and close partnership with the private sector . The world's leading electric producer and disappearance.

– In Dumat Al-Jandal, the first wind power project is being launched and competed by four of the world's largest companies under the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative with a capacity of 400 megawatts to meet the needs of 70,000 housing units. The Kingdom is at the forefront of the settlement of value chains for renewable energy projects, with an ambitious program with a Saudi vision and a strong vision.

The Holy Guard King of the Holy Mass, Salman Bin Abdulaziz, has taken strategic steps in partnership with private sector investment funds to support the growth of the country and to diversify its income sources. The aim of the company is to develop integrated transport solutions that connect north and central East to international performance and security standards to support the economy and industry and develop logistics services , including the creation of promising opportunities for the country's youth, including the Al-Jouf North Station Railway Station, the fifth station on the passenger line, then Al-Qurayyat, the last station on the same line at the cost of 4,046,039,678 franchises. Al-Jawf and Al-Qurayyat stations include the establishment of the railway line in the region and the communication and management systems to achieve this project. Keeping Directives of the Two Holy Mosks to provide a decent life for those who live on this wonderful land and be an asset in the history of the development in your glorious time. Then, the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosks, the development projects in the Al-Jouf area, included in the visual presentation. Then the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosks honored the famous people of the Al-Jouf region and gave them their prizes. First: Abdulrahman's bin Ahmed Al-Sudairy bin, which aims to publish literary studies and creations and support scientific research and messages.

Second: Abdullah Al-Khalaf Al-Shaal Bint Gala student, the titleholder of the junior ambassador to the 10KSA enterprise for breast cancer fighters, and the title of the Five Ambassador Conference for Disability and Rehabilitation 2018 under the auspices of Buffering and Two Holy Mosks . At the end of the ceremony, Guardian of both Holy Mosque's Holy Salm bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received a commemorative gift from His Royal High High Prince Sultan bin bin Abdulaziz, District Governor Al Jouf. Emir received the souvenir of the region by its Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Prince of the Crown and Deputy First Minister and Minister of Defense. After that, the people of the Al-Jouf region overseen the King's peace, that God may have mercy on him.

The Ranger of the Two Holy Mosks honored a number of residents of Al-Jouf during a reception to the people of the region. The message was conveyed by an Egyptian search engine 24 and was transmitted as it was from the source. The original publisher of mizmaz is the responsibility of the news and its authenticity.

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