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The director of the first Egyptian film – Russia: So I chose her heroin. I am ready to provide a second part


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First Egyptian Director – Russian film: So I chose his hero … I will prepare to present a second part, quoting Masrawy site, on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Books – Mustafa Hamza:

The director Khaled Mehran confirmed that he had started preparations for a second part of the Egyptian-Russian film "Matrochka", with the participation of his author and author of dialogue and Russian author Yelena Serepriakova a & # 39 ; the Egyptian man of Egypt, Imad Sibai.

"The dream of presenting the movie has been with me for 4 years since I read the novel" You Smile in the Egypt, "said Mehran in a special statement to Masrawy." The company was not enthusiastic about its high budget, but it was welcomed from the end.

"Part II will include the characteristics of the lives of the four Russian girls after their marriage and their stability in Egypt," said Mahran.

He added that the cost of film production was 25 million pounds, "We were filming in 14 days in Russia, and 18 in Egypt, mostly within tourist areas in Moscow and Hurghada and & # 39; r pyramids, and we have not yet settled on a specific date of display, where we are preparing to offer copies of Russian language in several States. "

"The Russian artists Nekaterina Kovalchuk, Arina Volkova, Maria Reval, Paulina Grants and Anastasia Aktova were chosen. We interviewed her every two weeks before filming. The first collaboration with them was translator, but after that the Russians began to respond with Extreme words of Egypt such as "A (Tamam Kida Yaris)".

The movie star Munther Rihanna, Nader Abu Allef, Mohammed Nour, Yasser Al-Tobaji, Ahmed Jamal Saeed, and Ayman Mansour.

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Source: Masrawy

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