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The Carthage Film Festival ends: a Titanic film on extremism wins Golden Tanit


On Saturday, November 10, 2018, the curtain was closed for the 29th Carthage Film Festival, where over 200 films from 47 countries were screened in official and mosaic sections, including 54 Arabs.

There were a number of political figures present at this session, including the popular Front spokesman Hamma Hammami, as well as a number of Titanic and Arab cultural figures, including the Syrian representatives of Ayman Zidane and Abdel Moneim Amira.

Closing Evening The Tunisian "Fatwa" film by Mahmud Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia) was crowned with the Tanit Gold Award for the best feature work, while the Golden Talent "Brothers" film was won for the Best Short Note.

In documentary films, Amal won the Tanit Gold Award for a Best Declaration Document, which won the "Asdaa" film by the Gold Tanit Nicola Khoury (Libanus) for the best short feature film.

Tunisian Ahmed Al-Hafian actor was crowned in the Best Man Performers Award and "War Travelers" won the Audience Award.

On their behalf, several actors and directors expressed their happiness in the round they received from the most prestigious Arab festival.

Ahmed al-Hafian said in a "source" statement that the project presented by Mahmoud bin Mahmoud Sadiq and talks about the wound in Tunisia, emphasizing that the victory is inevitable if the case is fair .

Al-Hafian added that economic, social and political issues are an excuse to talk about everything that is human, and that is the focus of every story and every issue, its wounds, feelings and everything that it can live.

On his behalf, Jude Said, director of "War Travelers", which tells the story of a virtual tour conducted by actor Ayman Zeidan during the Syrian war, called on all the Deans to see his film, who won Four different awards.

He said that the film conveys the simple dream of Syrians from living in peace and having the simple elements of life, such as water and electricity.

Films at the 2018 Carthage Film Festival

Official competition for feature films:

– Tanit Gold Award: "Fatwa" by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud (Tunisia)
– Tanit Silver Award: "Judgment Day" by Abu Bakr Shawqi (Egypt)
– Bronze Fuel Award: "The Travelers War" by Good Said (Syria)
– Best Men Performance Award: Ahmed Hafian / Fatwa "Fat" (Tunisia)
– Best Female Performance Award: Samantha Mukasia / "My Fiesta" (Kenya)
– Best Script Award: Soba Mudo (Kenya)
– Best Music Award: "My Friend" (Kenya)
– Best Picture Award: "War Travelers" (Syria)
Special mention: The movie "Sufiyya" by Maryam Ben Mubarak (Morocco)
Special mention: "Makila" by Machiri Akwa Bahangu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Short Features Film Competition:

– Golden Tanit: The movie "Brothers" by Mariam Joubar (Tunisia)
– Silver Tanit: "The House of Lalo" by Kelly Calley (Boys)
– Bronze Tanit: "Astra" movie for the Qayqa battle (Tunisia)
– Special mention: The movie "Florist" by Shamekh Bouslama (Tunisia)

Audience Award: The "War Travelers" film by Good Said (Syria)

Official Documentary Film Competition:

– Tanit Gold Award: "Amal" by Mohamed Siam (Egypt)
– Tanit Silver Award: "Leave a distance" to Amal Ramses (Egypt)
– Bronze Tanit Award: "Tars, The Journey to the Visual" by Ghassan Halawani (Lebanon)

The Short Short Document Film Competition:

– Tanit Gold Award: "Echoes" by Nicola Khoury (Lebanon)
– Tanit Silver Award: WE SHOULD AWARD & DYLETS by Mahdi Fleifel (Palestine)
– Bronze Tanit: "Kidugu" by Mamadou Khama Guy (Senegal)

First Work Awards:
– TV5Mund TV Award: "Sufiya" (Long Feature) by Maryam Ben Mubarak (Morocco)
– Al-Taher Shariah Award: a movie "Sufi" by Maryam Mubarak (Morocco)
– Special mention: "Vahavalu" (long document) by Mary Clemence Spice (Madagascar)

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