Thursday , January 27 2022

Seven Lies For Weight Loss


In a report published by Business Insider, author Holly Smith said there were still tangible stories about weight loss, and we must give the best to believe. Here we present seven of the most famous:

Carbohydrates are harmful to your health
In fact, do not hurt Carbohydrates Health, and so the complete elimination of the diet can lead to higher depression and a higher risk of health problems as well as low energy levels.

For example, sugars do not need, but carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, bread, fruit and vegetables may be difficult to restart if you exclude a person's diet.

Eating a bit of food will make you lose weight
When you do not eat enough food, your body will feel insufficient, which means that you feel happier.

"The body's deprivation of calories slows the metabolism, and over time this will lead to more unnecessary weight gain," said Greenfield Vitehnas.

Therefore, instead of eating small amounts of food, try a healthy and balanced diet.

Eating fatty foods is essential
Foods that promote fatty foods can include calories in whole fat foods, as they can include a large amount of supplements and sugars.

"We over-eat low-fat foods because we believe they are healthier," he said. "It may be better to eat a small proportion of whole-fat foods."

The diet that contains liquid foods is the easiest way of losing weight
Liquid diets can help you get rid of too much weight fast, but it can reduce calories by keeping a diet based on slowing down the metabolism fluid meals.

Liquid diets often lack the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs, making them dangerous for long-term adoption.

Calorie is a diet that contains solid foods and liquids.

Get rid of fat
If you notice that you have lost some weight, it does not mean that you have lost fat. Weight loss can be caused by losing water, muscle and fat, or sometimes by removing some of the three.

Exercise such as weight gain and cardiovascular exercises is the most effective way of losing fat.

You can get rid of fat in some areas
The author stressed that many people wanted to get rid of fat in a particular area of ​​the body such as stomach, arms or legs.

But in fact, we can build and tighten the muscles in specific areas in the body through weight-raising exercises, but when it comes to losing weight we can not do.

You can lose weight by practicing
Daily Bairn said that aerobic exercises or emergency exercises can make you happy if you continue to eat an unhealthy diet.

It can be difficult to calculate the calories you have burned without mentioning how much exercise you need to reach the ideal number of calories.

Moderation is still the best option, so you should always choose healthy foods and exercise regularly, instead of a long intense exercise, so you can eat all the foods that you love through & # 39 ; the time.

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