Tuesday , May 24 2022

Selling Marie Antoinette Dress in "Do not Duplicate The Age"


LONDON (Reuters) – Antiques and jewelry belonging to Queen France Marie Antoinette 53.5 million Swiss franchise (53.2 million dollars) in auction at the auction house of Sotheby.

Ten pieces of Marie Antoinette jewelery were auctioned after being held in private private collections for over 200 years and owned by the Royal Italian family of Bourbon Parma. The pieces were among 100 pieces sold at auction on Wednesday.

"There's no comparison to Marie Antoinette's jewelry," said David Bennett, head of international jewelery at Sotheby, who held the Geneva auction. This is a record of royal decorations. "

Sales earnings exceeded the Duchess of Windsor historic auction earnings, held in the city of Switzerland in 1987.

Bennett said that offering from 43 countries participated in the auction of the Bourbon Parma collection. "It's surprising that most of these jewelery have been hidden for over 200 years. For collectors, this is a non-repeatable moment in old age. "

"I believe when the press conference was held on this sale, we thought it would be a century bar," said Anders White Corell, a jewelry specialist in Sotheby. I believe that the results tonight prove that. "

The preliminary estimate of the total earnings before the auction was $ 4.5 million, but due to the historic nature of the exhibitions, the value of applications made over the phone, auction and online has increased, until the earnings have increase unknown.

The biggest earnings of selling a diamond case ending with an oval pearl by Marie Antoinette were shown from a wreath of three rows of pearls. The Dalaiya was sold for 36.4 million Swiss francs, the Sotheby figure was a Pearl record, after a 10-minute hectic auction.

The diamond buckle necklace brought 2.9 million.

Marie Antoinette, Austrian Duchess, was a man who later became the King of France, Louis XVI. He sent his dress secretly in a wooden closet for her sister as she and her husband planned to escape from Paris.

But the couple were arrested in 1792 when the French Revolution was revoked and the property was implemented in the following year.

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