Tuesday , August 9 2022

Scientists need help… because «buyer»


Rebounds – Harmony:

Scientists at Carnegie Endowment for Science called on the public to take part in naming 5 of 12 Junior satellites, which were discovered last year.

Carnegie's endowment scientists have identified conditions for naming these satellites, including that the name should follow one of the characters in Greek mythology or the Romans.

The scientists also stressed that the names of three of these satellites should be terminated with the letter "E" in English or "J" in Arabic, and that the other two names should end with "A" "or" A "in Arabic,.

It seems that many people have either ignored these conditions or not seen them, rushed to send their offers, some have mocked them, as one of them called to name one of them as "moon moon."

Scientists have also set the deadline for receiving proposals for new Jupiter satellites on April 15.

It is worth noting that with a new 12 satellite discovery for the buyer last year, the number of satellites that rotate the largest planets in the solar system to 79 satellites.

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