Friday , May 27 2022

Roger Waters accuses Netanyahu from pursuing a racial policy towards the Palestinian


Roger Waters, a founder of the famous Pink Floyd group in Chile, accused Benjamin Netanyahu, First Minister of Israel, to pursue a "racist" policy towards the Palestinian.

"We all know that life in the Palestinian territories is unbearable," said the British artist at the bottom of a concert in Santiago, skeptical of what's happening in the Gaza Strip and & # 39; r Western occupant Bank under South Africa apartheid.

"I'm not anti-Semitic," Waters said. This came as a student at the Simon Vicental Center in a letter from Argentina, giving him the best support for him, saying she was "spreading a message of hate and discrimination".

During his trip, former guitarist Pink Floyd tried to educate the public about a Palestinian situation, calling for the Israeli boycott.

The Palestinian community, which comprises half a million people, is the largest in the world outside the Arab countries.

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