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Pictures .. At a cost of 106 million brides and up to 1 km … King Abdullah's bridge was launched in Ahsa


Pictures .. At a cost of 106 million brides and up to 1 km … King Abdullah's bridge was launched in Ahsa

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Today, its headquarters of Royal Saud, the Nayef bin Abdulaziz bin, East Governor of the East, opened a bridge project between King Abdullah Road, Al-Hofuf and Al-Mabarz Road, Mecca Road and Abdullah King Road Interchange with Saladin Road. Ahsa.

Upon reaching the Prince of the Eastern Region to the site of both projects, he revealed the memorial plaque and he listened to a detailed explanation of the two-bridge project by Amin Al-Ahsa.

He also praised the opening of both projects to contribute to a smooth flow of traffic. He emphasized the importance of observing all traffic safety factors of guided plates and warning to protect the safety of the public visiting this road and crossing all the governors of the region.
For his part, Amin Al-Ahsa said, Adel Bin, Mohammed Al-Mulhim, said the Secretariat was constantly trying to improve planning and traffic solutions to ensure a clear structure of essential roads and crossings, including King Street Abdullah crossroads, Al-Hofuf to Al-Mabarz Road, Mecca Road, Salah al-Din, where both bridges were built at a total cost of 106 million marriages with a length of 1 km and located on King Abdullah Road and close together so that they are in operation at the same time.

He noted that the Secretariat was aiming through the two bridges to provide free traffic on Abdullah King's Road "Al-Hofuf and Al-Mabarz" to be a smooth and unexpected traffic from the north of Al-Ahsa and in Riyadh Road and opposite to Dammam North, it is proposed to build both projects on concrete plates and build a top bridge for each circuit to King Abdullah Road "Al- Hofuf and Al-Mabarz ". The length of the concrete installation of both bridges is approximately 1000 meters with a width of 26.3 meters. Bridge on 3 tracks and sidewalks with a concrete and iron barrier when the parties for each direction and lighting and concrete constraint separate two directions, and at the bottom of both bridges at the intersection create field and design service methods to facilitate traffic to and from each side of the intersection so that it is distributed in a smooth flow.
Al-Mulhim said that heavy traffic in the future will be considered in the direction of King Abdullah Road, Al-Hofuf and Al-Mabarz. The bridge between the Hofuf and Al-Mabarz cities have to complete as a main link between Al-Ahsa North and South and between East and West. From all current and existing service boundaries.
He noted that the Secretariat had prioritized the operation of bridges and tunnel projects at crucial crossings to contribute to traffic flows and dismantling traffic jams to facilitate the movement of vehicles and reduce the traffic jams in these transfers whilst maintaining public safety for occupiers this area in terms of design and efficiency.

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