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Photos .. Spread Amran explains the reasons for closing Shisha cafes at Abha


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The Aseer Regional Secretariat prevented the recent deal of closure of the Asir Civic Secretariat department at Shisha and Al-Masal cafes in Abha city.

The official spokesman Majid al-Shehri explained that these cafes infringe the health conditions and the system of commercial activities, and it also violates the decisions on not increasing & The area in the urban area.

Al-Shihri stated in a press release that there were many health crimes in these cafes, most of which operate without regular licenses and do not have the minimum hygiene and health standards of the public, along with the guidelines of the Asir Region Secretary, Dr. Walid Al-Humaidi acted regularly against them and applied the list of urban fines and penalties against offenders.

He added that these cafes were contrary to what is stated in the Business Ministry and Rural Affairs newsletter No. 41600 dated 23/08/1439 referred to the speech of the Health Minister, Chairman of the National Committee for Tobacco Control No. 1050556 dated 16/6/1439 referred to the eighth meeting of the National Committee for Tobacco Control Problem problem of the Council of Ministers No. 46 dated 1/2/1428, which included recommendations to address the Ministry Business and Rural Affairs on the implementation of the anti-smoking system in restaurants and cafes in any form.

Al-Shahri noted that the Asir Region Secretary's directives were compulsory to implement the regulation and take legal action against offenders and who are not complacent with them in order to benefit the public, and correct the situation and; Commitment to all health requirements.

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