Saturday , January 23 2021

Performance tests confirm the arrival of Nubia Red Magic 3 with a fullHD monitor and SD855

Today's Nubia Red Magic 3 gaming phone, from Nubia ZTE's subsidiary, was tested on Master Lu's performance test platform. The information contained in this platform revealed to us that this phone has only 8GB of random memory, although we know that a version of this phone will contain 12GB of RAM.

Moreover, the information in the Master Lu performance test platform revealed to us that the Nubia Red Magic 3 will include a FullHD + screen, which is not surprising given that FullHD is the basic solution for smartphones designed for gambling, as this type of set Give priority to performance. ZTE is working on a "higher rate of renewal than most mobile gaming computers" for Nubia Red Magic 3, according to the company itself.

Apart from the screen and the random memory, the Nubia Red Magic 3 is expected to have a 5000mAh battery that supports 30 watts of power. In addition, this phone will also include a built-in fan to cool the processor while running games that require a lot of resources.

Master Lu explained that the version tested on stage by the Nubia Red Magic 3 is only an introductory version. The performance test results are lower than other 855 Snapdragon processors with traditional cooling systems.

For comparison, below were also presented the results obtained from Xiaomi BlackShark 2 phones and Oppo Reno in the performance tests on the Master Lu platform.


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