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Opening workshop on animal disease prevention with "serum and vaccine"

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Opening workshop on animal disease prevention by "serum and vaccine" from the Masress site, Tuesday, 20 November 2018.

Opening workshop on animal disease prevention with "serum and vaccine"

Nashwa Club Published at the delegation on 20 – 11 – 2018

Dr. opened Mohammed Sulaiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, a Saturday workshop in the Veterinary Serum and the Vaccine Research Institute in Abbasiyah.
Sulaiman Ali stressed the interests of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Center in programs to ensure food safety, food production and healthy safety and maintain public health and human health to prevent the spread of common diseases that pass between people and animals .
For his part, Dr. Martin Grotosh, director of the Noval Institute in Germany, on the common diseases that move from animals to man, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between research institutions in Egypt, Germany and different countries in the world to protect public health and common epidemics that threaten people's health.
Dr. Nicole Seikon from the German Institute of German Studies Friedrich Löwers on Cwm Rift Fever and risks to public and animal health, especially sheep, cattle, goats and camels, is one of the most dangerous viruses that threatening the environment It is transmitted by mosquitoes and insects that feed cattle blood and transfer viruses directly to people.
Ali explained that dealing with infected animal meat and blood causes injury to the Rift Valley fever, which affects the nervous system and the central system and leads to the expansion of lymph nodes, swelling and joints and losing weight.
Dr Kartiga Martens continued on the Q fever, which affects cattle and is transmitted to people
This is considered to be one of the bacterial diseases in which the infection of the disease through breathing of the air has contaminated with bacteria and also by direct contact between human and animal or by direct contact with the secretions of the animal is & # The most common diseases that cause infection to men and symptoms that are similar to flu symptoms as they are for a 15-day high temperature during this period.
Dr. revealed Mohamed Saad, Director of the Institute of Serums and Vaccines, is the Institute's plan to provide vaccines to prevent epidemic disease that threatens livestock and human health, stating that the Institute is a wall of epidemic prevention and one oldest research institutions in the Middle East since 1903, Noting that the Institute has successfully established a plant for producing animal vaccines where it is available
988 million and 236 thousand vaccine vaccines vaccine against all epidemic diseases and provide poultry vaccination vaccines with a total of 663 million and 59 thousand doses to tackle poultry disease.
Saad added that some of the Institute's products are exported to Arab, African and Asian countries at an international level. The total exports were 25 million and 522,000 doses of animals and poultry vaccines. This is a significant increase in production, reflected in the export due to the high quality of vaccines.
The laboratory has accredited by the National Council for Quality Accreditation, compiled as "EGAC" in accordance with ISO 17025, ISO Quality Laboratory and Central Management Laboratory Biology.
It is clear that the completion of the operation of the internal quality department at the Institute for the first time is to establish an advertising committee for the Institute's product marketing organization which was a commercial name for the Organization, "Servac" in order to increase income and sales rate.
He emphasized that the Institute is currently increasing the production of sections producing animal farm vaccines by providing the necessary equipment and production, reflected in the provision of market needs local and increase exports. He noted that the Institute's quality department accreditation procedures had been completed and had received the ISO and started to develop the Department's departments to obtain a certificate Gmp has the beginning of the library's development and there is a connection with libraries scientific with index H – effect factor
And co-operation with different research organizations, especially the Frederick Lovoler Foundation.
German delegation praised the adoption of the vaccine and vaccine Institute and received the 17025 quality certificate and the Institute had participated in the International Vaccine Conference in the United States of America between the 13 and 15 November 2018 through a lecture by Dr. Mohamed Saad, director of the Institute on vaccines produced by the Institute.
In conclusion, Dr. Mohamed Saad, Dr. Mohamed Soliman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, who honored Dr. Mohamed Soliman to Dr. Mohamed Saad of the delegation in Germany Dr. Dr. Heinrich, Dr. Martin, Dr. Dr. Katja, Dr. Nicolas, Dr. Hosny El Adawy, program co-ordinator and scientist of the Frederick Lovoler Foundation in Germany, Education Minister, Dr. Ezzeddine Abusett, Deputy Minister Dr Mina Mehrez, President of the Agricultural Research Center and Dr. Mohammed Suleiman, and Ministry of Development Research Institutions, including the Veterinary Research Institute and the Veterinary Sergeant in Abbasia, M in the development of livestock and poultry.

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