Saturday , January 16 2021

News 24 "Sanad Mohammed bin Salman" announces spending the first batch of candidates on the "bond wedding" initiative.

Sanad Mohammed bin SalmanSanad Mohammed Bin Salman's Social Enterprise Program announced Monday that the tender was to be submitted to applicants for the first wedding bond initiative.

The program explains that the eligibility requirements and the method of choosing those that qualify for the "marriage bond" initiative is that the husband and wife are t Saudis, the husband is aged 21-40, the wife is aged between 18 and 40, the first marriage is for the man, At the secondary school at least.

He also noted that the wedding contract should be more than a year old from the date of application The monthly income should not be more than 4000 riots, and the endowment should not exceed 50,000 riots, and the financial awareness course should be completed with a minimum of 60 per cent. Duty and orphans and those with special needs.

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