Thursday , August 11 2022

News 24 Aramco: We are developing new fuel technologies to reduce vehicle usage and improve engine performance


ExpressiveAramco said it was developing new technologies to improve vehicle engine performance to achieve two goals, the first to reduce fuel consumption, and the other to reduce emissions causing pollution to the environment.

Aramco said that a large proportion of its petroleum products are used as fuel for vehicles.The company's research and development network is developing advanced burning methods, creating more efficient new fuel, and introducing hybridization solutions. .

He explained that the use of fuel is more volatile, such as gasoline significantly reduces the proportion of emissions, according to the newspaper "home" that the process of combustion by weight is the right technology, but used with the type t incorrect fuel, "diesel", which means that only changing the type of fuel in question consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by 25% to 30%.

"There are three important aspects to changing the engine to achieve great results: combustion, alternative engine designs, and better fuel," he added, adding that it is also dealing with post-incineration emissions using capture techniques. and carbon conversion.

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