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News 24 After three decades. Aziza Jalal talks about the history of her retirement and her marriage to Saudi's nationality (Video) t

PictureSinger Morocco Muztila Aziza Jalal told "MBR" the story of her retirement from singing and marrying a Saudi citizen to her life in the Kingdom over the last 30 years.

Aziza, widely recognized in Morocco, Egypt and the Arab world, said her decision to retire was optional and began one of her visits to the sacred shrine of Mecca.

And she said she was sitting in front of her grandfather, she was sitting in front of the Kaaba and inviting God to choose the best, and after this visit to Haram, a new chapter of her life began. to sing for the final.

During the summer of the year following her visit to Makkah, she decided to spend the summer with her father and mother on the beaches of the Spanish city of Marbella, and after leaving the hotel they lost a bag containing her precious gem.

During the three days, he noticed that one of their neighbors at the hotel, Saudi's young man, had asked his father for the investigation and what happened, and because of this incident, he became to know her and her father, and she invited him to visit Morocco and give him his home phone number.

When they returned to Morocco, the young man called on the phone and asked for a chat with her father, which happened to be in contact with her excitement or lack of presence in the house, and she was asked; The young man is constantly about the phone. My father.

After completing their marriage and moving to Taif, she confirmed that her husband was not worried about continuing singing, but she wanted to retire. Helping her to make the decision, which also agreed to her wish, and he eventually stopped singing and went to his home and family.

Aziza said that she had given birth to two sons and a daughter and the Saudi nation acquired. She loved the Kingdom and lived in her, she said that the last five years of her husband's life were with him in hospitals outside. in and outside the Kingdom. The death of God, and his burial in the Bekaa cemetery in Medina, in the execution of his command.

Aziza says she wants to meet the thief who stole her jewelery in Spain and thank him for his contribution to creating the conditions for her meeting with her husband, whom she loved so much. retired to art and dedicated to her family life and to care for her home and children.

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