Monday , May 23 2022

New LiDAR sensor feature in iPhone 12 camera


After the release of the new iPhone 12 series, the comparison spread with other phones, as the LiDAR sensor distinguishes the iPhone 12 Pro, which features a number of superhuman capabilities.
Reports revealed that the LiDAR sensor in the iPhone 12 Pro cameras, when used with the Canvas application, provides three-dimensional scanning technology for images, because the camera can be extremely precise when photographing objects using scanning technology.

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And CNET pointed out that the LiDAR sensor that uses the Canvas application can capture most things with accuracy within 1% compared to other iPhone cameras that can scan imaging within 5%.
IPhone 12 Pro users can get to know the things they are photographing by converting them completely to scan through the Canvas application, which provides a very accurate image of most details of objects such as doors, furniture home, and others.
LiDAR also receives more light, which makes the image clearer than usual, 47% larger, and provides 87% improvements in light access control and makes cameras more convenient for shooting.

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