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Live broadcast Watch Al-Ahly and Tale’aa Al-Jaish’s match today in the Egypt Cup Final 12/05


Egyptian football fans are waiting for a high-quality match between Al-Ahly and Al-Jaysh, tonight, Saturday, December 5, at the Burj Al-Arab Stadium in the 2019/2020 Egypt Cup Final.

Kora 365 offers a service to watch Al-Ahly and Al-Jaysh’s match, broadcast live today, which is scheduled to begin at 8:00 pm Egyptian time, that is, 9:00 pm Mecca time, and will have was broadcast on-air only on Ontime Sport HD1 with audio performance by commentator Bilal Allam.

The Red Devils will face team Al-Jaysh in the cup final for the first time in the history of both teams, as they did not get a chance to meet in the final, but instead met in the final eight of the cup in 2007 and Al-Ahly better than three for a goal.

Al-Ahly went a long way to the final, where at the start of his career he crossed Beni Suef’s team in the 32nd round with three for a goal, followed by the arsenal in the 16th round with a double for a goal, and in the last eight, Abu Qir Fertilizers Front and defeated with a double for a goal. With a double struggle for a goal, Al-Ahly’s journey in the championship was not very difficult, but he managed to cross all these roles well and deservedly.

The Red Team is striving with full force and ferocity at today’s meeting to achieve this season’s triple, which will be exceptional for the Red Genie, having achieved the Egyptian League and African Champions League title from so on and this is all from the 2019/2020 season, considered the longest in years because of the Corona virus that hit the world and stopped. sporting activities.

The Red Castle team is going through its best conditions and the team is full of stars, armed with high spirits after crowning the African title absent from its treasures for 7 years, and today wants to return the cup again to the island where he hasn’t returned since 2017, and win the 37th title in its history.

Al-Ahly will be absent at today’s meeting, team star Walid Silman, midfielder Aliou Diang, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham and Ahmed Yasser Rayan due to their infection with Corona virus, as well as Junior Ajay, who was infected at the meeting formerly Al-Ittihad.

The meeting is expected to witness the participation of new faces such as Moroccan Badr Bannon or the return of loan playmaker Nasser Maher, striker Mohamed Sharif, Akram Tawfiq and Salah Mohsen, but this will be in line with the director’s vision technical team Betso Mosimani.

In the same context, Al-Jaysh’s breakthrough in the championship was not as easy as Al-Ahly’s, so the cup was opened by meeting Dekernes, who outperformed a clean goal in role 32, while in round 16 a clash with Egypt cleared and crossed with one goal as well, and in the final eight Pyramids took a penalty kick out. With three goals for goal after the end of original and extra time with a goalless draw, these results are with former coach Abdel Hamid Bassiouni.

And in the semi-final with new coach Tariq Al-Ashry, Zamalek, last season’s cup champion, was eliminated by three goals to reach the final, and the army enters the meet with high spirit and high focus, as she wants to present a strong game worthy of her and wants to win in order to ascend the podium for the first time. In the team’s history.

Al-Ashry is betting at today’s meeting on the experiences of his players to tackle Al-Ahmar, for example Amr Gamal and the legendary goalkeeper Mohamed Bassam, who is hoping to shine again and get the word out tonight, and who also relies in the attack on Ahmed Samir, who shined ahead of Zamalek and scored two goals, as well as Muhannad Lashin and Nasser Mansi, the team. .

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