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Individuals start Twitter … and break a sales record


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3 minutes on 12 November 2018
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12 November 2018 / 00:23

The International Day of Individuals has become an event that thousands of people are waiting for, and earn extra momentum year on year, in terms of participants in social networking sites or accidental sales year on year. This is different from Valentine's Day, where the bachelors celebrate and take pride in themselves.

Today, Hashtag # is published on Twitter, and thousands of fans, and many expressed satisfaction with al-Azzawi, interacting with it. At the same time, Alibaba, China's e-commerce, broke its record for one day sale, exceeding $ 24.15 billion (168 billion yuan) in less than 16 hours.

Social networking sites celebrate International Units Day on 11/11, which happened yesterday. Writers circulate some nice tweets, arguing that staying married is better than a failed marriage. And one of them wrote, "O Lord, I praise you, and thanksgiving is a blessing, a blessing of responsibility, cutting off from it." Another wrote: "From a point of view, freedom is a lot, but baccalaureate is better than freedom." "I wish them and their best in their lives and my Lord will give them hope."

A single day is also the largest e-commerce event in the world, which exceeds a shopping day & US called Friday.

During the first hour of the single day, Alibaba completed a value settlement of around 69 billion yuan ($ 9.92 billion), about 21 per cent of last year, when the first hour sales reached 57 billion yuan. Demand for smartphones and other electronic devices and products, such as milk powder and diapers, has been on the rise. The company made a sales investment last year just before 4pm. Alibaba announced that around 180,000 brands participated in the "Single Day".

The Alibaba Group has usually launched the annual event with a huge concert this year featuring the American singer Mariah Carey and a Japanese artist who imitates Beyonce, as well as performance by the Soleil black.

Although sales increase steadily, the proportion of the group has dropped by 16 per cent this year, during economic uncertainty as a result of the growth of trade disputes between China and the US.

Analysts, despite strong growth, said sales would face unfavorable economic factors and a new competition of other shopping events. "As the number of promotional events increase annually, 11/11 will not be the only opportunity to get cheap prices," said David Weib of the Oliver Wyman consulting firm. However, customers who enjoy shopping on that day are still more than anything enjoying it. "

Earlier this month, Alibaba reformed anticipated it for full year revenue, encouraging investors to worry. The company said that it would have an adverse effect on the sale of expensive goods. In order to offset this, the company will earn less revenue or platforms in the near season, to keep new brands and buyers.

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