Monday , September 26 2022

I'm called "Cobra Arabaidd" .. not as people imagine


"This is a type of sniper of the Arabic cobra name, which is almost common in the region," said dameiname video, "Nantyn Niwbwrn", which was distributed yesterday.

And the citizen Ibrahim al-Waeli Asiri showed that he saw the snake during his fall at the bottom of the bone barrier, and swallowed another snake, stating it according to the "front" newspaper that & # 39; n huge on the other side appears in the video, not more than the length of both, The more.

"Asiri said that these snakes are at the top of the mountain and therefore do not pose a significant risk to the parkers in the region, stating that it connects to a distance of about 3 meters of the strip and & # 39 ; I photographed and then left if his death did not kill.

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