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I'll start on November 22


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It began to rotate on November 22, stating the Saws site, on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

I'll start on November 22

The current period of the current 11-day Prince Mohammed Bin Salman championship will be suspended due to the green preparation camp that will testify to the final stage of the 2019 Asian Cup finals that will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates January to February 1, 2019, There are two stages (the camp), during which Green will play two friendly games during the international friendly games provided by the federation, such as the international football FIFA, from front of Yemen on Friday, November 16 at the Mohammed bin Fahd Prize Stadium in Dammam, and against Jordan on Tuesday, November 20 Abdullah King's Stadium The second time in the Jordanian Aman capital, is the third stop in the league competition Prince Mohammed bin Salman for professionals starting the alliance on August 29, 2018, as the league has stopped twice and this is the first time to give us the best & # 39; the alliance after the first round and 11 th Due to the short green camp held in Riyadh in the first few days of a green preparation program for the 2019 Asian Cup, which included an international experience against Bolivia during the international friendly games provided by the Federation, such as a ball "FIFA" internationally, during the second phase, which stopped the league was Jol And the 11 days, because of the green camp in the second phase of the green preparation for the 2019 Asian Nations Cup, which included two friendly experiences against Brazil and Iraq in the international friendly quartet held in the capital (Riyadh), from 11 to 16 October with team participation (Saudi Arabia – Iraq – Brazil – Argentina). The league will be reversed after the third stop in the 10th round of games on Thursday (22 November). Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, a 9-round championship championship, stands on top of the first football team at Al-Hilal Club with 27 points and 5 points from the nearest competitors. The number of games played so far in the league is 71 games, In the 9 rounds that have been played so far, they have reached 185 goals, and the third round of the largest round of tour recorded after the number of goals scored 29 goals, the first round of the league, the lowest round that recorded goal after number goals scored only 13 goals. The French professional team Alhilal Pavehtambi Gomes lists the top league scorer site with 7 goals scored in the nets: Main (nod) and bottom (two goals) and Fatah (nod) and & # 39; r Union (goal) and the agreement (two goals).

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