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FilGoal | Source B-default News to JUL: We will not look to cancel cancellation requests

A source within the Egyptian Football Federation said that Gabalaya's board of directors will not consider any requests for the abolition of the landing.

"We've heard that some clubs want to cancel this season, but so far we haven't received anything formal about this," the source, which was not named, told FilGoal.com.

"We do not want to anticipate events, but this is inappropriate and illogical, we will not consider any requests to cancel the landing."

"The cancellation of the leak means returning Egyptian football back many years, and it will cause confusion to the future of football in Egypt."

"There is a list that started the season, and this list will end the season."

As the competition comes to an end, some teams competing have started to take new steps to avoid defrosting, with the latest in a formal draft memorandum asking to cancel the season's leak. this.

Club head Smouha, Faraj Amer, said in statements toFilGoal.com"The president of one club collects club signatures to submit a memorandum to the Football Association to cancel the landing."

"We have signed the memorandum. The start of the season was signed on the terms of the competition, but we signed fair arbitration, and this didn't happen t"He said.

On the other hand, he learned FilGoal.com That eight clubs are already communicating to apply to the FAW for the abolition of the leak, and some of those clubs have already signed the note.

As far as we know FilGoal.com, The eight clubs are (Smouha, Alexandria Union, Military Production, Guards of the Marches, Entebbe, Petrojet, and Stars t).

Head of one of the memo's club signatories – who preferred not to be named – in statements iFilGoal.com The reasons why the clubs have been challenging in their complaint.

The reasons are as follows: t:

Firstly: The competition is irregular

In the sense that clubs that sit for months sometimes have not played any game, and this technically affects the players.

Secondly: Inequality of justice

In other words, there are clubs that have European or Arab governors because they have a strong financial capability to bring referees. Unlike that, there were only four referees running some games and six referees running some other games.

Third,: Absenteeism field

The last three rounds have not played at the same time for teams whose results overlap due to competition for survival or presentation, opening up a place to handle.

IV: A list of 25 players

The Egyptian Football Federation decided at the start of the season to be a list of 25 players, and then raised the number of players to 30 players, which only benefited Ahli and Zamalek, weakening some clubs and the strength of other clubs.

Finally, the club's president, who wanted to remain anonymous, came to the conclusion: "The memo is presented within two days by Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club."


He continued with Amer Hussein, chair of the Egyptian Football Federation competitions committee, to respond to the movement of the clubs, but refused to respond to the issue he preferred to leave to the football federation table..

The Egyptian league sees strong competition this season to stay at the top, as 10 clubs are still competing so far on the final seat of the descendant to the second degree.

The home team and the stars have already fallen into the second section officially, while Petrojet is the 16th position, which is second and two rounds before the end of the competition.

The Egypt league championship is made up of 18 teams since 2015/2016 after the number of teams were consecutively reduced from 22 teams to 18 teams.

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