Thursday , May 26 2022

FilGoal News Abdelhafeez explains the Ahli scheme for January's promotions. "Experience sports and advertising soon"


Abdel Hafiz, director of football Ahli said that his club was close to the end of the contract with some players in January, to strengthen the team's ranks, emphasizing the announcement soon.

Al Ahli has suffered a series of negative results during the recent period, after losing to the African Champions League final and giving a farewell to the Arab Championship, and finally losing the league Arab contractors.

"There are times when things are hard in football, but the rules and timeframe do not allow the team to get support," said Abdul Hafiz at Sada Al- Balad. "We have to work on what is happening inside the stadium."

"I appreciate the anger of all the national fans, we are going through a difficult time, fans are not familiar with the circumstances, but there are the biggest clubs in the world like Barcelona and Real Madrid goes through those conditions. "

"We are moving positively in January to strengthen the team, and we have come very far at that stage, and the announcement will be in a close time, and there is another group of players give them the best to agree with them. "

"We continue to continue with the president of the Mahmoud Khatib club daily despite its health, but it intensifies its connections and is eager to strengthen the team."

"The announcement will soon be with a number of players with experience, sometimes there will be a need for 24 to 28-year-old players, and at other times young players need, reinforcement in some centers will be like protection, but the front line will be bigger."

"We are in a pressing need of you, we have done good steps when returning the public to the games, we will be in a good and strong condition, we may go through difficult times, but we are waiting for your support as the we used ".

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