Thursday , January 20 2022

Field investigation into the prevalence of measles among children


The Ministry of Health, Population and Reform of Algeria Hospitals announced that it investigated breeding cases, which have recently spread in some Algerian states.

The Ministry of Health stated in a statement today that it is conducting a field epidemiological investigation on measles spread in some states, emphasizing that it has taken all necessary measures to manage these cases in accordance with the procedures in in line with the national management program, case by case.

The ministry emphasized that measles are a curable disease, but the disease has complex complications that can lead to death, where the disease affects all unoccupied children, which represent a target population The risk of extending the spread of the disease.
The ministry said in the same statement that vaccination is the only protection against measles, emphasizing the need to vaccinate children, according to the scheduled dates.

Algeria media has reported that the spread of measles cases among children in many states, as well as the death of three children in the Batna (North East) state of the disease due to the disease.

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