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Eurovision: Morocco-born actor representing France and Turkish Kurd from San Marino

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Moroccan Bilal Hospice and Al-Kurdi Serhad Two official representatives from France and San Marino at Eurovision in Tel Aviv on 18 May 2019

Bilal Hosni, a gay entrepreneur and rights activist, was chosen to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest (186 million people worldwide) held in Tel Aviv, Israel on 18 May. Turkey's Kurdish singer Sarhad Hadji Bashlioglu was chosen to represent San Marino for the second time in a row. This is an overview.


Bilal Hosni was born in Paris in 1999 to Moroccan parents. He was a big star on the Internet even before qualifying to represent France in Eurovision because of his new appearance, which tended to shape women more than men.

It has over half a million followers on the Entsagram site, 801,000 followers on YouTube, and 128,000 on Twitter.

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Bilal Hosni represents France at the Eurovision opening ceremony in Tel Aviv, Israel 12 May 2019

He was chosen to represent France after a vote on French television for his song "Roy" which is the king, whose story revolves around accepting man himself and reconciling them.

Bilal said he was impressed by Conchita Worst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision competition.

He took part in The Voice Kids in 2015 with the song Contica, and although he did not win, he continued his career in the music world by posting videos on social networking sites such as Entreamram, YouTube and Twitter.

Bilal received dance lessons and played piano and guitar at the age of five.

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Konica Worst, the Austrian winner in Eurovision 2014.

Role model LFor gay andLFor conversion

The number of Bilal followers has increased recently, with each publication having tens of thousands of hits due to its "influential and neutral personality" on many controversial issues, such as its advocacy for gay people and metaphors.

His new look, male and female, and a constant change in the types of wigs that we use, have attracted many followers.

Bilal takes part in gay events and demonstrations and publishes their photos and video clips in its pages on social networking sites.

"Arab with wig"

"I believe in France that I am very different and my success is unlikely," Bilal said in an interview with Billboard last year.

"They tried to look like the pop star Justin Bieber in my teens. I didn't oppose it. It could have been fantastic, but my thoughts were rejected, so somehow my name was listed on everything in all things. "

His critics describe him as "Arab with wigs" and he is often the subject of insult and abuse every time he publishes a gay publication.

He says his choice to represent France in Eurovision this year is "the best response to the haters."

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Ahmed Sarhad will be representing San Marino for the second time in the Eurovision competition, although he has not won the previous competition.

Sarhad, Author, composer and singer

The singer and composer, Kurdish Serhad Haji Bashlioglu (born in Istanbul 1964), Republic of San Marino, will perform for the second time. Although he was a dentist, he left medicine for singing and art.

He studied and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Istanbul University went into art and artistic production since the 1990s, and later became "best television presenter" and "best television producer" in Turkey.

Sarhad has a long tradition of music and artistic production. He held several television channels and gave several separate programs to set up some of them when he was in Turkey.

He sang in the Kurdish, Turkish, French, English and Russian languages, and the number of visits on YouTube reached more than one million.

Since 1997, Sarhad has directed and trained talented young people in the fields of music and singing.

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Image of the 2016 Eurovision competition in Stockholm, Sweden, May 10

He became known to Eurovision supporters when he represented San Marino in Stockholm in 2016, and although he did not earn his time, his song was well known and spread widely and captured more than a million hits in the best time ever. .

In this year's competition, Sarhad is not only the performer of the song, but also a writer and composer.


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