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"Epic and Dream" .. Final deadline announced "Artegral resurrection"


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After publishing the views over the years and last seasons, the Turkish historical series producer "Artegaral Resurrection" announced the date of the final episode in which the series will be screened.

The final episode of the five-season series will be broadcast on 29 May, exactly two chapters later.

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It is expected that he will see the final episode of the historical series, the death of the main character of the series Artgrel, and his son Osman took control of the tribe "Kai" Turkmen, before establishing the Ottoman Empire.

With the final episode of the historical series, the excitement will begin again on November 13, which will see the start of the series of "Osman Resurrection," which is expected to last 5 seasons.

Series producer and scriptwriter, Mohamed Bouzdag, published his calculations on social networking sites, that the final episode, the 150, was "epic and dream".

The producer also took part in a picture of the final chapter, saying "the last scenario, the time to say goodbye to the resurrection Artegrel," stating in another publication, that lovers of the series on the date with the last episode in the coming days.

History of the main character Artagarl bin Sulaiman Shah, leader of the Qai tribe, Turk of the Muslim Oghuz (Turkoman) and father of the founder Ottoman Othman I, founder of the Ottoman Empire (656 AH 1258 AD / 726 AH) 1326 AD) .

The series has achieved high viewing rates over the last five years, the series has been broadcast in dozens of countries, and has been watched by about 3 billion followers, and translated into several languages.

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