Thursday , January 27 2022

Dollar and euro rise against the black market penalty


The US dollar exchange rate against the Libya penalty is slightly with the end of the parallel "transactions" market transactions The 5.220 dollar arrived Libya dinars selling Thursday night and 5,200 wheels to buy, To rise again after falling sharply before the start of the Palermo conference.

In turn, the euro rose today closing the adjacent market to 5.810 dinars, while stabilizing the sterling pound at 6,400 dollars.

And the beginning of the US dollar is trading on the parallel market today at a price of 5.120 dinars and remains at this level, but it rose to 5.150 dinars before a small increase to the price of 5.220 dinars at the end of the market.

The dollar fell in recent days for the first time in several months, cutting new levels for the first time since the launch of economic reforms.

The dollar has been in a state of instability for several weeks between the decline and progress despite the launch of the National Government Presidency Council for Reconciliation for a number of economic reforms in an attempt to reduce the exchange rate in the parallel market and providing liquidity and foreign exchange of citizens.

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