Thursday , May 19 2022

Diet earnings allocation (Nashami) with India and Saudi Arabia for families of swallow midwives


Aman – Al-Rai

Acting on the directive of His Highness, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, Chairman of the Football Association's Executive Committee, which aims to improve social responsibility concepts and values, the Federation decided to invest two national friendly football matches with & # 39 ; for Indian and Saudi counterparts at 17 and 20 years old.

According to the official website of the Secretary General of the Cesar Sober Union, preparing a program to interact with the community and match the recent birthdays of King Hussein bin Talal, God can give him mercy.

The General Secretary emphasized the enthusiasm of Prince Ali of the formation of the Social Committee of Asian and International Societies and activities and programs that contributed to integrating the game with many social aspects of the responsible role of the most popular game in the world .

The Federation is currently organizing a number of national coaches and stars for the Mabrat Foundation Umm Al Hussein, opinion and modern schools, to meet children and talk about the positive aspects of sport and football in particular, as well as the distribution of national team shirts.

On the other hand, and based on the campaign launched by the Union to support the national team in preparation for the Asia and title final: "Hayham – Alnchami", the Union and incorporation of responsibility values Social decides to allocate game and team earnings with India and Saudi Arabia to the families of flood victims who have driven several areas in the Kingdom, In coordination with Jordanian Security and Emergency Safety Center, and a thousand tickets are awarded free of charge; The two Civil Defense Directorates for each game of both games, to attend workers of this particular device and their families, and in recognition of the major and national role played by the Directorate during the difficult weather, The country affected the last period.

Both tickets have been arranged for Thursday, Sunday and Monday at Al Ahlia University, Applied University, Petra University and Saturday and Tuesday at King Abdullah II Stadium. Tickets for the first class are two Dinars and second class tickets are JD.

The team continues training

The national team continued its technical and physical preparations, led by coach Vital Burklmanns, to prepare for the conflicts between India and Saudi Arabia.

The physical training team held yesterday's Aman Stadium, supervised by Karim Maloush's fitness instructor, and included muscle strengthening and injury prevention exercises.

On the other hand, Vital's Vital coach led evening training on the same field, focusing on many tactical aspects, in the presence of 24 players from the list of (28) selected by current assembly technical staff.

Moussa Al-Tamari, Obaidah Al-Samarneh and Saleh Ratib were also absent from the triple exercises after they continued with the rehabilitation program to recover from the under supervision of the medical system. Uday Al-Qara joined them, who was beaten during exercises yesterday.

It is expected that the team will continue training this evening in preparation for the meeting with India at 7 pm on Saturday at King Abdullah II Stadium.

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