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Death 5 death due to poor diet


FAO study: Death 5 death due to poor diet Network of quarrymen quoted by a solar portal We issued you a study of FAO: Death of 5 deaths due to poor diet, FAO study: Death 5 death due to poor diet we are issuing to you Our New visitor news today through our network of knights and starting with the most obvious news, FAO study: Death of 5 deaths due to poor diet.

Forsan Network – A new policy brief requires measures to reduce nutrition and nutrition enrichment in nutrients

– The world wastes half of its fruit and vegetables produced half year and 25% of meat with 25 million cattle

In light of this, a policy brief today announced encourages decision makers to set the goal of reducing the loss of food and waste on the agenda to improve access to healthy and nutritious food, According to a statement by the Institute of Food and Agriculture in "Rome" today .

The summary, called "Preventing Loss and Waste of Dietary Elements in the Diet: Policies for High Quality Food Systems," indicates that a poor diet now poses a public health risk more than malaria, tuberculosis or measles. At the same time, people eats never reach the user table.

Some of the foods, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, dairy products, meat and seafood are rich in nutrients, but they are also troubled and exposed to loss in each stage of the system . Food.

The report includes scary figures that indicate that almost half of the fruit and vegetables produced worldwide are lost or wasted, and 25% of meat, which & # 39; n an essential source of protein, or 75 million cattle.

"In order to tackle all types of malnutrition and improve healthy diet, we must develop food systems that increase the availability of fresh foods that are full of nutrients and foodstuffs," said José Graziano Da Silva, Director General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Use and affordability, and it is very necessary to take specific steps to reduce the loss and waste of freshly nutritious foods. "

Take measures through diet

The policy outlines the offer of a series of actions that can be implemented across the entire diet, including: teaching stakeholders, focusing on wonderful foods, improving the infrastructure of the public and private sectors, promoting innovation, and filling in gaps in data and information about waste and food waste.

Professor Srinath welcomed. "The World Commission's policy actions show the key role in reducing food and waste loss measures in improving poor and inadequate diets, which affects 3 billion people at World Health Organization (WHO) ) It is often responsible for ongoing sewerage, high hypertension and obesity and associated increase in illegal diseases. "

FAO data shows that the majority of food is lost during cattle, storage, processing and transport in low-income countries. The problem in high income countries is food waste at retail and eating level, which directly affects the number of calories and nutrients actually available to eat.

Globally, agriculture produces vitamin A more than 22 percent. However, after the waste and waste, the amount available for people to eat remains less than 11% is required, so reducing the loss of nutritional food will lead to the health benefits of sustainable Development.

Reducing losing and food waste also contributes to economic returns. It is estimated that the amount of food lost or lost worldwide is around US $ 1 trillion a year, and more food produced will already avoid wasting water, land and energy used in Production .

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