Tuesday , January 19 2021

Badria Ahmed: I am a representative of "temptation" and need it in 6 issues (video)

The artist Emirati Badriya Ahmed turned arguments in recent times, where she seemed crying and asked for material help after poverty, and sometimes licking "ice cream" in a way Magical, as well as the issue of pulling his curtain, and other posts trying to get to the obvious.

Badriya Ahmed, in her interview with the media, Mona Shaban, said on the program "Dukhan without fire" on the satellite "Fujairah", as a representative temptation, to re-frequency the wide debate again, where there are thousands of conversations. pioneers of social networking sites.

She thought she had made a mistake in her unwritten statement. "I am also a drama actress, tragedy and comedy," he said.

The UAE artist said that a video of her was smoothing ice cream in an attractive and sexual way, saying that "does not accept the fact that acts of inspiration of such kind are given because of her age." He was of the opinion that what the public understood was "impossible to do."

He drew attention to the fact that the matter was filmed on video on the site "Snape Chat", which made it seem slow, which seemed to followers that those movements were deliberately suggesting.

Badria Ahmed revealed that she had to be registered on 6 security cases seized and brought, in most of the charges that were associated with her material problems, and other matters, confirmed her lack of fears of the issues and those charges.

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