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Are there side effects of the flu vaccine?


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Friday, November 16, 2018 11:45 am Starting an Economics in October, you can get the flu vaccine to protect the disease, but in some cases there may be some side effects that must be identified in advance.

Many people believe that a flu vaccine will cause the disease immediately after the vaccine, but it's one of the most popular legends. According to the health world, Dr Mendro Picosz, a biology professor at Johns Hopkins University, said that the flu vaccine is a dead virus that contains only half the virus, which is the part needed to trigger the response immunity. He explained that the vaccine has been injected to the arms and not the place to go. Flu is usually a virus, so there is no chance of flu.

However, you may feel uncomfortable after taking the vaccine and may develop with some side effects, which are very similar to flu symptoms.

Side effects of flu vaccine 2018-2019, according to CDC include:

Fall, red, or pain near the vaccine area


– Human

– Nausea

Most people are developing a mild and painful shame instead of vaccination, he says. These are normal symptoms, partly due to the immune system in the human body that is interacting with the vaccine.

If the vaccine is administered by a spray, there are also some effects associated with it, such as: virtual nose, nausea congestion, fever, throat, lack of appetite, cough and, in some cases, vomiting, & # 39; These symptoms usually last no more than a day or two.

Although the CDC is not recommended for a specific method, it should be avoided by pregnant women, children under 2, over 50s, people with weakness or asthma in the immune system.

In rare cases, some can be allergic to the vaccine. The symptoms contain difficulty in breathing, swelling around the eye or the eye, weakness and weighing. These symptoms usually occur within a few minutes to hours after giving the vaccine.

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