Sunday , January 23 2022

Al-Yawm daily firefighters are among two students in a Jizan school


A middle school student at Al Darab, a branch of the Department of Education in the Government of Saibya, opened a fire inside school after disagreed with one of his colleagues inside school.

Through security authorities and concerned the site and event and completed the routine procedures.

For his part, a spokesman for the Education Department, Ibrahim Al-Hazmi's boy, said at the end of the official working hours yesterday, a bin from Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz in the village of Alrdha broke inside the school by one of the third grade students of the medium, a firearm, against a martial background with hands with one His colleagues earlier in the school day, where the teachers responsible for day-to-day supervision were interrupted and separating students from each other. However, the student, the shooter, went out of school irregularly and went to a house near the school. The other, where the teachers close the door in front of him and stop him from entering into two shots and leaving school after that, before returning to & The school without arms, where he was in custody and keeping one of the school classes until the arrival of the security authorities.

He noted that the school transferred the student to the security authorities after being informed of the incident and that the security authorities were beginning to take the necessary action, emphasizing the absence of injuries or serious damage.

He added that the boy education director, Daifallah bin Ali al-Hazmi, called for the formation of an emergency committee to investigate the case and circumstances that led to his conclusion, acting on mechanisms to support behavior positive and promoting behaviors that support our students and students, and work on the monitoring of behavioral waste and the application of codes of conduct and attendance in general education schools for the intermediate and secondary stages.

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