Thursday , January 20 2022

Al-Sheikh meets the General Secretary of Defense of both Holy Mosks in Pakistan


The Minister met Islamic, Good, and Guidelines Sheikh Sheikh Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh today with the General Secretary of the Movement for Defense of both Holy Mosks in Pakistan Fazlur Rahman Khalil, who is currently visiting the Kingdom.

At the beginning of the meeting, Her Excellency welcomed the guest and wished him a good stay in his second country, Saudi Arabia. He pointed out that the relations of the Kingdom to Pakistan are old and have not been born today, emphasizing that communication and meetings between religious affairs officers in both countries come into the context of the relationship Strong relations between the two countries and leadership in the Kingdom and Pakistan.

He added that if the hands in the Muslim world were united, the enemy will be defeated, and the right is tested, to point out that Saudi Arabia is doing its best to serve Islam and Muslims, and it is not & Restrict anything that is useful to Muslims anywhere, And the people of Pakistan are strong people with doctrine and love of religion, and the love of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. Peace be on it.

He approved his Shortage. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh scholars and seizures in the Islamic world. "You know what you have to do with Thy House of Allah, Allah Messenger Mosque, and Holy Quran.

For his part, Sheikh Fadlur Rahman Khalil thanked her Al-Sheikh Dr Abdullatif Honors for her hospitality and hospitality, stating that any matter of the Kingdom is a problem for Pakistan and that there is no difference in the defense of the Kingdom and the protection of Pakistan.

During the meeting Sheikh Fadlur Rahman expressed his desire to hold a conference in Pakistan to explain the danger of terrorism and to emphasize moderation.

The meeting comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation between the Ministry and Defense of both Holy Mosques in Pakistan, serving different Islamic areas of work.

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