Saturday , May 28 2022

After the Al-Khatib session … Ahli publishes Cartrid continued as the team's technical director


The French trainer, Patrice Carteron, manager of the first team of Al Ahli football club, has refused to reveal the details of his meeting with the club chairman Mahmoud Khatib.

At the end of the meeting, Carteron said, based on the instructions of the president of the White Citadel, I will not mention what happened in the meeting that lasted more than two and a half hours, in the presence of Mohamed Youssef, general instructor and acting director of the club.

The coach added that he was continuing with the team, and will be holding sessions with the Ball Committee, in the next few days, and discussing many of the things that are about a team the ball.

Reports in the last few hours of Ahli officials were thinking of finishing the technical director after losing the dream of Africa for losing Esperance three.

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