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12 reasons for losing hair … including tension and breastfeeding … Masrawy


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Tuesday 20 November 2018


Many people suffer from hair loss and to handle these cases, their causes need to be known. WebMD has published many reasons, some of which are unusual or unpleasant, whether it's daily routines or health or psychological conditions, quoting the "Arabic" site.

Iron deficit

Iron helps to maintain hair health, and the lower hair levels in the body lose hair.

There are a number of indicators that accompany this situation, which suggests that there is a reduction in body levels in the body, such as nail shells and yellow or annoying skin and lack of breath and general weakness and fast heartbeats.

2. Lack of protein

The protein-defective body uses a means to maintain itself as much as possible, including the prevention of hair growth. This method is followed two or three months, starting hair loss, but adding more meat, eggs, fish, nuts and beans to the daily diet can expire to these effects because protein shortages are treated from the underlying problem.

3. Tension

Tension situations can sometimes be that the immune system turns on its own and attacks hair flicks. Much of anxiety and anxiety can cause hair to stop growing, making it more likely to fall when the brush is used.

Tightening hair

Hair loss disorder, or hair loss man, is a mental condition that causes the patient to tighten his hair without feeling even bare. It is hard for the patient to block this action.

5 – weight loss surgery

Hair loss is more likely to be a symptom of surgery after weight loss, especially if body sink levels are low, but it is common to losing some follicles after surgery to treat obesity. The doctor can prescribe a sink supplement to help prevent hair loss.

6. Hard on hair

Sometimes hair arrangement is blamed when the hair starts to punctuate and fall. Hardness varies from using too much shampoo, using brush, cooking it violently, or dried with too much towel.


Smoking causes severe damage to the hair, resulting in the lack of fumes and atrophy of the follicles. The toxins in cigarette smoke can cause damage to hair follicles. And prevents it from growing.

8. Food disorder

Anorexia and bulimia affect hair loss, because the body does not have the nutrients that it needs to grow and so it can not keep healthy hair. Food disorders require specialist mental health and nutrition counseling.

9. Drugs

You should review the side effects of drugs that are taken regularly or often hair loss can be one of these effects. Examples include blood bullors, acne-rich acne drugs, structural steroids, rheumatoid arthritis medications, depression drugs, gout, heart problems, or high blood pressure.

10. Breast reproduction and breastfeeding

Hormones maintain hair quality during pregnancy more than usual at other times, making it more intense, soft and rich. After birth, however, the mother loses the excessive hair that has been obtained throughout pregnancy, as the hormones decline, and the hair condition should return to balance after for children to be stolen about 3 to 6 months.

11. Abortions

Birth control using hormones, such as oral contraception, implants and injections can cause hair loss, if there is a family history. The doctor can prescribe a non-hormonal option, which helps to prevent hair loss.

12. Stop contraception

The choice of birth control with hormonal contraception can cause hair loss, but can prevent it from the same result. Changes can be observed within several weeks or months after the process expires.

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