Friday , August 19 2022

Why you can buy 4×4 LADA with high mileage – online


The drivers ensured that the Niva engine resource, with proper care, can be very long.

In the VKontakte social network, the owners community of 4×4 LADA has become a place to discuss the longevity of the Niva, as well as the pros and cons of the legendary Soviet Soviet. One of the car's enthusiasts asked for advice – he wanted to buy this car as a second car, but all the options on the market with miles were well over 100,000 km, as the commentator questioned whether it should be addressed. The "Niva".

And motorists unanimously said that it is definitely possible to buy 4×4 Lada miles with high miles, because the power pool of SUV, before the need for refurbishment, seems serious above the mark above.

“100,000 kilometers are non-judgmental. It will pass under 300,000 – you can start worrying, ”the motorists on the network are optimistic. In order for the Niva to last longer, drivers recommend changing the oil more than once every 15,000 kilometers, as well as checking the condition of the trotl and the neck consistently.

“The run is not terrible, to drive and travel,” “The first capital was 280,000 km, so the run is not terrible, to drive and travel,” said 4×4 Lada owners.

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