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Why was the Federation's figure skating hiding a Medvedeva smile from journalists?


2019-02-21T14: 17Z

2019-02-21T14: 17Z

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The final of the Russian Cup, which is held in Veliky Novgorod, comes to the pudding – fighting the world champion, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and the double silver medal of the Evilia Medvedeva 2018 Olympics. Short program seminars will be held on Thursday, arbitrary – on Friday. Anatoly Samokhvalov shares his fierce watch prints of the figure's skateboarders on television and angry with the Russian Russian Factory Federation obstacles.

During the autumn of Grenoble interview Medvedev told me how she intended to change her psychological preparation. Excessive focusing on the box as a boxing game did not give the desired result. Eugene was inaccurate in situations that she was familiar to her thoroughly. Even the double axle cascade – a triple rittberger, new to her, has clicked on in training as something old and familiar, they simply pull the dust.

But at the beginning of the cascading out is incredible. Medvedev was preparing for him with a bad eye company … But last year. "I'm not the type of person who smiles before the competition," said the global champion twice at the end of November. "But Brian and I have already mentioned this topic. It may be time for experiments – with technique, images and body."

"It's time to experiment and with the mood before the start. It will also take time, but I will wake up new emotions in my own," he said. "Surely, I have to smile in somewhere. Maybe in a few minutes I need to blink up, joke with me to love me up and morale. I'm too much I buried myself very much that I turned into a bundle of nerves. "

On Thursday, in a small ice arena in Veliky Novgorod, Medvedev was in a high spirit and did not look like a crew of nerves at all. She may continue to go on the ice in a protective mask, but I really want to hope that the support of the supporters, the winter in Moscow, the New Year in the family circle will allow them, as they say, leave the situation where she "needs everything and everything." She had no right to make a mistake, and she had to win, despite the stress strain and stressful departure from the old trainer Eteri Tutberidze.

On Thursday, Medvedev excited and laughed, she communicated fully with competitors – Stanislava Konstantinova and Serafimo Sakhanovich. Zhenya could only see the smile only by trainers who were on the skate. The remainder, including journalists who covered figure skating, were denied the opportunity to work in training in a difficult form. Only the broadcast on the First Channel website could be satisfied.

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Why Medvedeva and Tuktamyshevoy media? Novgorod Veche in the FFKKR procedure

By whom Medvedev's mood hides Russian figure skating in total inescapable. And the general director of the organization, Alexander Kogan, and president, Alexander Gorshkov, did not answer calls so that somehow could explain this situation. However, it is almost impossible to lose even more different standard evenings of major tournaments, such as a Russian championship or a European championship, from the federation.

But Medvedev made the axis and rittberger very confident, and she was still the same world champion I saw at every training session, whether it was Grenoble or Saransk. At Orgorod again, Medvedeva seems to have left just a few – to move everything to the ice on evenings on Thursday and Friday.

Tuktamysheva trained regularly. By the way, Alexei Mishin's skateboarder is currently, when the issue of the third World Cup ticket is resolved, has changed to the system of increasing care. This also applies to public performances, and this also affects Elizabeth's hired training.

Konstantinova and Sakhanovich, by the way, are unexpectedly possible from the tournament. The first one can be very much in the case of successful rents of both programs, and Valentine Chebotaryova's figure skater should not have the rittberger, and she has been fighting her everyday in the European Championships in Minsk, as well as Lutz.

Sakhanovich was powerful and elegant, showing a great flip-reliable link. After moving to the coaches Angelina Turenko, Sima stopped under pressure, and now she does not rescue her career, but riding her in pleasure. At least this impression is created. She was not given her opportunity in the Russian Championship, as if it were the will of the regulations, she can now reminiscent in the final of the national cup. Soon we will see. If journalists are allowed on the podium.

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