Saturday , January 23 2021

"Up to 500 calls per day." A flu epidemic and ARVI remain in Buryatia



The agenda does not leave the flu and the SARS. The cooling and publication of quarantine has not yet worked, and on the other day the republic was generally among the most frightening regions for cold growth. On the situation at the end of the week – onwards.

The virus term is new, but the viruses are old and well-known. The main gap of fever and cough in January this year was the right viruses that caused the real pandemic of H3N2 and H1N1. Over the week there were over 9,000 new cases of common cold in the republic, 170 people had confirmed the flu. The fifth week, all city medical institutions work in an emergency manner.

Natalya Alexandrova, deputy chief doctor for Polyclinic medical unit в "- 6: We have increased the number of emergency care teams, the number of general practitioners and pediatricians who are serving home calls increased so that patients do not go to outpatient clinics but are served at home.

The doctors themselves took ambulance and ambulance. On average, one brigade has up to 100 calls per day. On ordinary days – no more than 25. Evgenia stimulator can not take breath along patient path to patient.

Evgenia Ochirova, Medical Emergency Medical Assistant: Up to 500 calls are reached daily. We work one by one, there are not enough doctors. Pediatric therapists can not cope with challenges. Works as an emergency service, and a medical ambulance.

Patients with mild illness remain at home. After driving drum to hospital. It takes not only infectious disease with viral infections and acute respiratory disease and flu; At the time of the epidemic, there is a restructuring of the republican, republican, 4th city hospital and children's medical rehabilitation center hospitals. Many of those who are involved in self-treatment, although they are not recommended. Since early January, antiviral drugs were dismantled in pharmacies such as hot cakes.

People contacted them, buying antiviral drugs. I do not know, as always, but now she was somewhat more or less silent.

The Ministry of Health has increased control over the drugs available and the price of essential drugs. How much it should cost, for example, anti-viral, learn on the Ministry of Health's website in the "Drug Provision" section.

Tuyana Lygdenova, Press Secretary of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Buryatia: There is a list of essential drugs of this name. This means that the state sets the highest price threshold, that is, the supplier does not have the right to set the price above this price.

Despite all the measures, Buryatia remains among the leaders in terms of the number of diseases in the country. School holidays forced to extend until February 6. Citizens are recommended to wear indoor masks and public transport. And the country's president even advises to visit less in public places and remember the personal hygiene rules. The Russian health minister was encouraging – old virus reminiscents, turning out, have been under control for a long time.

Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of Health of Russia: According to the forecasts, the expected average density of the epidemic. This year, we used our domestic home-based home vaccines. They include all the actual types recommended by the World Health Organization, so, in general, the population is ready for this epidemic.

And it seems that the citizens listen to the council. At the city's entertainment centers, the number of visitors dropped by half.

There are usually more people than they are now. Due to the quarantine.

We have already been ill, have to recover. Everything seems fine. Oxolinian ointment train Here, in principle, there are not so many people.

In the past two days, the number of patients began to fall. Perhaps due to anti-epidemic measures, and perhaps due to the cooling. However, the risk of a second wave of epidemic to date is that no-one is solved.


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