Saturday , July 2 2022

TOP-10 of the most famous cars collected in Russian was named


Experts of the most famous foreign cars that were convened in the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to the message of professionals, now in the Russian Federation there are 9.7 million foreign cars of domestic production, which accounts for approximately 22.6% of the total number of cars in the state.

According to the agency's preliminary information, the most common foreign car of the Russian assembly is sedan – Hyundai Solaris. But, as usual, the "Korean" Hyundai Solaris has become a more popular foreign car after convening at the Russian Federation. This result equates to 22.6 per cent of the total fleet of cars in our state. The second place went to Kia Rio – almost 674,000 copies. We have been making this model since 2010. The most popular Hyundai Solaris is the most popular car – in July this year, 704.2,000 cars registered in the Russian Federation. By July 1, 654.3 thousand Russian citizens belonged to the French sedan. This machine started production at the Russian Federation in the year 2005. Reno Duster has 345.7,000 Russian citizens, Renault Sandero has 288.3,000 drivers, Skoda Octavia with a score of 270.7 thousand cars and the Kia Ceed model , who bought 248.2,000 co-citizens at different times.

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