Wednesday , July 6 2022

"There is no idea that Zenit can roll and repeat the last season"


Match between CSKA and Zenit / Photo: Edgar Breshchanov / Vasily Ponomarev /

Former attacker CSKA, Denis Popov, said the victory of the army team over Zenit (2: 0) in the 14th round of the RPL.

– CSKA won confidently, with no questions at all. It's clear that this is throwing, a chance of 50 to 50. The army team did a great job, they were able to get together after the "Roma" outbreak (1: 2). And Zenit, even with Bordeaux (1: 1), was playing hard, now too. In St Petersburg people have problems with general injuries and physical conditions, they have been playing for all over a long time, fighting, flying, traveling … Under these conditions, the training process is mainly in the restorative nature. In addition, the composition varies, Semak is looking for the best possible combination. All of these costs have each other's asset, and the current situation comes out – as quoted by Sport Weekend Popov.

– Most likely, a two-week break will benefit Zenit. Finally, the team will have the opportunity to rest and restore normally. It is not believed that Zenit could roll and repeat the route last season. It is clear that the common understanding and normal work process reigns in the St Petersburg camp. The trainer and the players are well connected. Zenit issues are more likely to be good or bad, "added Popov.

Zenit gives priority to RPL stalls with 31 points, before Krasnodar in the second place by 5 points.

CSKA – Zenith. 1: 0. Fedor Chalov

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