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The teacher who taught FSB to control the world was kept: Crime: Power structures:


Former vice president of the State University of St. Petersburg (SPbGAU), the 70-year-old teacher, Viktor Efimov was suspected of incorporating the university. On this Thursday, November 15, Interfax reports, identifying an informed source.

According to the interlocutor agency, we are talking about the money that the Ministry of Education and Science has allocated to the university in 2011 for the implementation of the program for developing an innovative structure the educational institution. "In total, the university received 90 million rubles of the budget for these purposes. According to researchers, reports on the implementation of the program were falsified, and the funds themselves had brought by the participants in the plan, "he explained.

Victor Efimov

Victor Efimov

Picture: Agrarian University of St Petersburg State

The source also noted that Efimov had previously been involved in the case as a witness. One of the defendants in the case, Vyacheslav Khodko, general director of the May Investment and Investment Investment Promotion Agency, in May, had already sentenced to one and a half years imprisonment.

On Thursday, in the place of residence to the former rector, searches were made: a lot of money was found and was taken away from, which, according to the Interfax interlocutor, could be associated with condition reserves stolen. At present, the issue of charging on Efimov and election is a preventative measure being resolved.

The active support of the investigation is attached to her FSB from Russia in St Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Victor Efimov has three degrees. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, senior positions in party organs, in particular, from 1986 to 1989, was the first secretary of the CPSU Leninsky district committee, in 1989-1990 he was secretary to the CPSU Leningrad city committee. He appointed the Efimov SPSAU from 2005 to 2015. During his jury, he lectured students on the consolidated government and exerted the ideology of the "Parti Conceptual" (KPI) Union. In particular, his listeners ensured the existence of a world conspiracy organized by ancient Egyptian priests for 1300 BC BC, whose descendants control today's world. In addition, according to Efimov himself, he read lectures of similar content in the FSB's St Petersburg administration. Films with speeches and the teacher are available on YouTube.

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