Friday , June 24 2022

The Russians of Millenial are most concerned about corruption and social stratification


The main concerns of Russian veterinarians are corruption in business and politics, as well as stratification society by income level, according to the Global Military Study in 2019, conducted by the consulting agency Deloitte. His data leads RBC.

38% of agency respondents are concerned about pollution, 36% are concerned about the stratification of society. In addition, according to Deloitte, the millions of Russian soldiers are concerned about political instability and war (30%), health care problems and disease prevention (26%), and also terrorism (25%).

In Russia, 18% of vets value their satisfaction with life greatly, while in the world this indicator is equal to 29%, explained in the agency.

As for aspirations, three-quarters of respondents from Russia want to travel (57% among respondents worldwide), 66% – high salaries (52%), and 53% dream of real estate (49%).

Velo Vitalieva, director of the personnel management group and organizational change in Deloitte, said in a conversation with RBC that the current situation in the world and the country affects the perception of reality by Russian soldiers. In particular, the confidence that the economic and social situation in the country will change for the better is 11% and 10% in Russia, respectively, in the world this figure is higher.

Deloitte's study has divided our two parts: one of them millions of years are studied worldwide, in the other – apart in Russia. The authors of the inspection report made over 13 thousand soldiers from 42 countries. Researchers are attributed to people born after January 1983 to December 1994.

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