Wednesday , July 6 2022

The rise in European stock markets is on the rise


Today's leading European countries index indices today show a positive trend against the backdrop of recovery in the US and Asian markets, as well as the corporate reporting data of a number of companies in the region.

By 12:13 Moscow time, the FTSE 100 British index added 0.35% and reached 7142.75 points. The French CAC raised 40 0.33% to 5,153.94 points, Germany DAX raised 0.35% to 11,621.92 points, PRIME reports.

European investors have addressed growth in US interchanges on Wednesday by more than 2%. This happened after the Democrats gained control of the House of Representatives of the United States as a result of the mid-season congressional elections, and the Republicans kept it in Parliament. Following US markets, the Asian exchanges also closed on Thursday.

Bidders also regain internal corporate news. Therefore, their financial statements for the last quarter were published, in particular, by the French bank Societe Generale and the German Commerzbank. The markets saw their performance positively, as shown by the growth of their shares of 1-4%.

Now investors are waiting to announce the autumn economic forecast of the European Commission. Particular attention can be paid to the estimates of the Italian GDP section for next year in light of the country's financial uncertainty.

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