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The Olympic champion has left Russia for America and is already playing the role of the NHL. You can't wait back


Olympic champion Vladislav Gavrikov signed a contract with Columbus Blue Jackets three weeks ago. If this event had happened at any other time, the American club would certainly not have delayed the first appearance of the Russian defender. First of all, defense is not the strongest line of "Unders". Secondly, Gavrikov has been looking for years now as a person who is fully prepared for the best league in the world – and not just in terms of hockey. For example, Vlad's departure for the cold ocean will pull the English up, and such a careful approach among the Russian players will rarely meet.

But Gavrikov signed the deal with Columbus at a very unfortunate time – only Blue Jackets were taken out of the main competitor's players for the Stanley Cup, Tampa. Do I have to say that coach John Tortorella was not in a hurry to change anything in the good working mechanism? The mechanism that eventually destroyed Lightning with a score of 4-0.

As I understand it, Gavrikov is a very good hockey player. I don't know what will happen next. There is a mutual understanding in the team, with this cohort winning the first round. ”

During the delay between the first and second rounds, Gavrikov managed to drive to New York, but the semifinals started at the Western Conference against Boston again on the podium.


Blue Jackets had one of the East's two semi-final first away matches, and then won home, Gavrikov's chance of appearing on the ice at this Stanley Cup melted near our eyes. But then there was number four, where “Boston” had no choices made “Columbus” with a score of 4: 1 and Tortorella recalled the Russian Olympic champion. Vlad went to the application for the fifth meeting of the series and, despite the second triumph of the "Undershirts" in a row, he can bring the night on the TD-Garden to his asset .

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He left the first period to Gavrikov adjust – 9 shifts and 5 minutes he spent quite confidently, trying to eliminate mistakes. Feeling confident, after the break, Vlad began to help the Blue Jackets – tried to threaten Rasku from a long distance, several times to roll under the gate. Sadly, the impression of the first time was somewhat unclear by the third dvadtsatiminutka, where he scored “Boston” twice at a time when the Russian defenders were on the ice. On the first purse, Gavrikov has no questions – his play partners started on and introduced a 2 in 1 exit to David Pastryanka and Patrice Bergeron. Czech decided the episode independently.

But in the situation with Bruins' goal, Vlad will have to take some of the blame. He left all Pastrnyak in the distant post, and after that Artemy Panarin did not have time. Yes, the Russian defender turned his attention to another Czech striker – David Kreici. But it seems he made the decision wrong.

How to evaluate the overall first time of Gavrikov? It can be called good. Or worthy as you wish. Vlad did not fail, he did not look like a foreign body in the composition of the Blue Jackets and now practically confirmed that he was completely equivalent to the level of the National Hockey League. Agree with this assessment, and journalists from North America with supporters.

They say Saturday's game Gavrikov should secure him a place in the squad.

The actions of the Russians called the only positive point for the “Columbus” in the fifth game with “Boston”.

And they think it's in his place tonight.

“Columbus” alone is the result of separation from the playoffs, until you can be sure that Gavrikov will have another chance at the Stanley Cup at the moment. But even if everything comes to an end for Blue Jackets in the next few days, Gavrikov will go straight to the World Cup – he has relevant agreements with the national team's training staff. Well, next season Vlad will have to be the Blue Jackets iron player, on Saturday he took another step towards this. In the coming years, the Gavrikov comeback in the KHL is certainly worth waiting for.

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