Thursday , May 19 2022

The condition for recognizing apartments in Russia as housing is named: City: House:


Apartments in Russia are recognized as housing only if they have all the necessary conditions for living comfortably and safely, and there is also the opportunity to use infrastructure, social and engineering facilities. This condition was called by Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Community Services, Nikita Stasishin, reports TASS.

“There is no task to recognize all objects, in the smallest degree adapted for living, as full houses,” said the deputy minister. According to him, a separate list of requirements will be developed for those apartments under construction, and as a result multifunctional buildings with residential buildings will be erected.

Stasishin noted, first, it is necessary to decide what an apartment is, what it is for, what their living conditions should be, register their status in the legislation and make them a separate type of residential building.

According to the results of the apartment amnesty, citizens will be able to register there (currently there is no such possibility) and apply to various state institutions for services at the place of registration: polyclinic, school, nursery school. “It will be an equivalent place to live, but most importantly, the houses will be served by management organizations. People should have high quality utilities, live in comfortable and safe conditions, ”Stasishin stressed.

It was reported earlier that they intend to determine the legal status of the finished apartments by the end of 2020. Thereafter, construction of this type of property is prohibited.

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