Saturday , May 28 2022

The Communist Party considers it insecure to give the idea in the rubbish of Lenin rubber


The Communist Party is called a crazy idea to bury the leader of the revolution, Vladimir Lenin, and a body in the Mawsoleum will be replaced by a copy.

This proposal was made by the Leningrad region's deputy legislative assembly, Vladimir Petrov. According to him, in 2024 (in the centenary of the leader's death year) Lenin must be buried in accordance with the witness. Instead of a body, you can give a precise wax or rymber-polymer copy.

"Absolute idea, mystery. If MP Petrov has any remains of consciousness and a sound, intelligent look of history, then he will be ashamed of this mocking initiative," said Prime Minister, Committee Chair of the First Minister, Dmitry Novikov.

In turn, the head of the press service of the Communist Party, deputy deputy Alexander Yushchenko, called such enterprises. He stressed that Lenin is the largest politician at all times and peoples, and not a Mr. Deputy of St Petersburg to declare such incentive steps. "

"He has a lot of duties and rights before his voters. I believe, with such statements, that only raises them, he's motivated," he said. RIA News.

Earlier Vladimir Putin said that the code of communist builders is "this subtract, this is a primitive picture of the Bible." The President compared Lenin's body with clears and saints.

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