Saturday , July 2 2022

The bitcoin stolen from Cryptopia are being moved to Huobi exchange purses (have been updated) t


CoinFirm researchers tracked the movement of stolen money from Cryptopia Bitcoin New Zealand Exchange.

“From May 20 (01:43:57 AM + UTC), hackers have moved 30,790 ETH (~ $ 7.67 million) from the red address to the yellow one. The last is the new address of hackers. The yellow address is still 29,770 ETH. ”, – Grant spokesman Blaisdell said for CoinFirm.

Two other addresses received a total of 1010 ETH. At the same time, according to CoinDesk, 10 ETH moved to Huobi exchange wallet. Hackers, presumably, chose this site to draw part of the money that has to be brought back.

DATE: Some time later, according to a Whale Warning, we began transferring money brought from Cryptopia to large amounts to a devolved EtherDelta Exchange: t

Recall, according to some data, the damage to Cryptopia as a result of January hacking could be $ 16 million. Site managers had announced its intention to return money to affected consumers and even Tickets have been credited to consumer accounts, which determine the amount of payments they are owed.

There were attempts by the exchange managers to achieve profitability after hacking in vain. After that, management decided to start the liquidation process for Cryptopia.

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