Saturday , January 23 2021

Star of the "Fizruk" series Daniel Vakhrushev in hospital | News

The actor Theatre and film, Daniil Vakhrushev, well-known for his roles in the Fizruk and The Stone Jungle Law television series, had hospitals in Moscow clinics. Doctors suspect that the actor is poisoning. According to MK.RU, the artist undermined health on the Christmas board.

Vakhrushev felt sick February 1, as soon as he returned by a friend. First, the actor blamed everything on a simple weakness, hoping his health condition would recover soon. However, this did not happen – the movie star had to call an ambulance and required the doctors to go to hospital.

The artist believes that low-quality champagne could be a cause for the sudden disorders. Experts also do not ban that Daniel eats something from his place on the Christmas board. How long the star will spend under the supervision of doctors is still unknown.

Earlier, Channel Five said leading the "fashion sentence" bring a virus.

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