Friday , March 5 2021

shrink General Motors, robokar-daltonik and other events in the motor industry – Autoreview

Concern General motors published restructuring plan. Funding will be directed mainly to electric cars and drones, as well as developing new crossovers and pickups. At the same time, five factories in North America will give up the best work: the company and the term "closure" are avoided, indicating that nothing will be produced on these sites. Next year, in the USA and Canada, the Chevrolet Volt (in the title title), the Cruze and Impala, the Cadillac CT6 and XTS, and the Buick LaCrosse are finalized. In addition, two GM GM factories will be closed, and redundancy threatens about 14 thousand workers.

However, despite the resignation of the Cadillac CT6 sedan, its "hot" version will enter the market. According to recent data from General Motors, Cadillac CT6 V-Sport with Blackwing Tw8-turbo V8 4.2 with a power of approximately 560 kilometers, totally controlled out-of-wheel drive and chassis, discrimination on the back slip and a modified steering system will not decrease. For this model, the example year 2019 will be the first and last: the production of all CT6 sedan versions in the United States will end in June.

For the first time during the Drone Week event in Amsterdam, Audi, Airbus and Italdesign showed the current prototype of the robotic project. Pop.Up Next – combination of passenger electricity and autonomous land electric vehicles. The air carrier loaded the passengers' module successfully on the ground mount, which went independently to the test track. However, at present, Pop.Up efficient Next only exists at a scale of 1: 4, commercial operation is expected to be full size cars in the next decade.

And for the Los Angeles Motor Show, an electric concept car was prepared Listen through the GThave built on the same platform as the Porsche Taycan. So far the company has published a few pictures of the car in a colorful camouflage, but all the details will appear in the next few days.

An international advertising campaign to market a new big crossover Palisade Hyundai is being held with brand new ambassadors – the Korean band BTS band. The first video with the participation of the new model and the "boy" group will be shown during Palisade's first performance at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is incredible that there are seven participants in the youth band, which correspond exactly to the number of seats in a respectable SUV.

Company Skoda Announces the opening of a permanent exhibition at the Ferdinand Porsche house. The famous designer was born on the territory of the current Czech Republic in the town of Vratislavice nad Nisou, or in German Mettersdorf. Skoda bought the reconstructed historic house: the building looks like it in 1875, when it was called Ferdinand, and inside a multimedia exhibition, which tells about the devices and family the designer.

China has released ten thousandth electrocrosse Nio es8created for a competition with Tesla Model X. The production of these machines began in the JAC Nio joint venture in June, and by the end of July, Nio was pleased to have collected 17,000 orders. It is expected that ten thousand cars will be sold before the end of this year. Chinese Sellers Do value ES8 from 70 to 85 thousand dollars depending on the equipment.

The Italian edition of Ansa Motori reported embarrassment that happened today during the first test drone through the streets of Turin. The car, on board the mayor of Chiara Appendino and the head of the Piedmont region Sergio Ciamparino, did not notice the red sign of the traffic lights and pass the pedestrian crossing without stopping. The driver was in the driver's seat, but he did not touch the controls either. Many viewers spread the photo and video of the event on social networks immediately, and Turints advised to check the drone for color blindness.

We also talked about the redesigned Genesis G90 sedan, the review of the Lada XRAY cover, the most powerful Fiat 500X Fiat and the Sp3JC Ferrari unique spider.

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