Monday , January 18 2021

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The farm director ordered the workers to leave the animals in ruins to die and save only those who give more profit.

One of the Breeze farm workers in the old Demino said a fall had occurred in one of the buildings last week. One of the walls fell in the barn, but the animals were not brought out – there was no room. Now the farm continues to work and the animals survive in ruins.

Photo: IA “Local Time”

Brick building collapsed at night. The director arrived at the farm, looked and said the cows would be removed from the room, and the calves and the young cattle should be left – it was not any sense from them again.

In addition to the building destroyed on the farm there are two barns and both are in a terrible state. The workers themselves expected that the building would start curling and feared for a long time that the structures were falling – they were repeatedly stating danger, but there was no control over the t farm urgently to take action.

– The director says that that is normal. It hasn't even set up a backup, ”says a farm worker in a terrible situation.

Photo: IA “Local Time”

This doesn't bring the problems at home to an end. For many years now, the inhabitants of the village and the region have sold infected meat to residents.

“Not only are the cows hungry, because the technique doesn't work, they can't get rid of the infection.” About 5-6 years ago, the breed was brought from somewhere. infectious, and livestock still die from time to time. We have about 300 heads who have listed them, – explains one of the agency's local time information workers. – The Perm director is told that he needs medication for a certain amount, he says it is a lot, there is nothing to treat. Visitors from neighboring countries give it the best, and even if they see it will die soon, they kill it and sell them to us. And they're selling it as a good meat from the top category, but it's rotten and half dead. They are all quiet, because they have threatened to dismiss.

The mediator conveyed to the announcement that wages were being suspended regularly on a farm.

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